Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ace and Flint WIP continues

So another work in progress (WIP) shot. Just starting the inks and working my way down.  Not much else to say. I will continue to post progress for this commission as I get it done.

Ace and Flint Inks WIP - 098


  1. So did you partially erase the pencils from a few days ago, inking on top of the remains?

  2. I just ink over my pencils. I used a very light kind of pencil lead so that as I ink over it I can easily erase as I go. I havent fully erased the top yet. I usually wait to erase the piece once it is all done. As you erase, you quickly notice if you missed anything.

  3. Nice, this will be a fun finished piece.

    Hey, I just saw over on your deviantart page your art book. I want to get one! The ad says to send you a deviantart note, but that option just sends me to an online dating service and that's not really what I had in mind.

    I'm at or you can message me on the joereloaded forum next time you swing by, I'm on there as theDoomworm. I'm James.