Monday, October 17, 2011

Ace and Flint WIP it up!

I have no idea what that title means. Just that a WIP stands for "Work in Progress"....and I've had 3 hours of sleep. Since Tues. morning. Don't judge me.

I'm having so much fun taking my time on this and just noodling up that background. I can see in my head how I want the water to look at their feet. I think I will do that next and leave the figures for last since they are the most fun to draw. But for the water I want this real black, almost glossy oil feel. There is just something inherrently creepy about black water. Drawing the Skystriker details was fun, I've never drawn one close up yet. And I still haven't had the chance to do a full on glorified shot of one flying yet. I might get to it some day, a boy can dream.

Ace and Flint WIP 2 -106

* This just in, my 5 year old son decided he wanted to be a Green Lantern for Halloween. But as a proper Comic Book Artist's son, he chose to be Guy Gardner instead of some cruddy Movie GL costumed Hal Jordan.... Im so proud. We've already worked out the jacket, I bought a GL patch and a vintage 3" wide White belt online. Now I just have to spray paint his Rain boots Green and we're set!

Im bound and determined to never buy a premade costume for our kids. I grew up with an awesome father who worked out homemade costumes for all of us kids each year. Stuff I'll never forget,
you Rocked it Dad!  So I want to pass on that tradition to my family. I've gotten sewing help from my wife's mother, I don't pretend to have a clue there, but here are his past couple years costumes as Robin and the Human Torch
This is a crummy photo, I know we have waaay better pictures, I just cant find them at the moment.
As soon as I do I will post them instead.

We had silk strips sewn onto his shirt and pants. When he stood still they just hung there, but as soon as he jumped or moved it looked like he was on fire. I had him jump off the back steps to get the flying shot....dont worry, I put couch cussions on the floor for him to land on.

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  1. Loving the commission like crazy! And now that I know the costume secret you I'll get a hold of you for mine next Halloween!