Monday, October 31, 2011

Alucard...Son of Dracula! Happy Halloween

The choice for using this design for Alucard is based on the Castlevania III game. Where he was still loyal to his father Dracula in the begining. He is more popularly known for his more noble swashbuckling look with the swords and white flowing hair. We've gone back a bit to see where that all starts. I might still do a more current look Alucard, because I do like the costume used for him with all the period details.

For this sketch, a little opposite of the last, I was wanting to use more blacks and large shadows. I still use a lot of lines, where instead I could have suggested more. But Im getting there. I still have a lot to learn and experiment with.

Castlevania Week: Alucard Son of Dracula - 120

“After all the things I’ve done in the name of my father, I do not know that I deserve your respect. But even damned creatures can hope for redemption.”

I just rambled on without really knowing much about the character. For a more capable description here are Quinn's comments on Alucard:
"Alucard is the half-human son of Count Dracula, which automatically makes him awesome. While 'Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse for the NES was his first appearance, he acquired a rabid fan-base when he became the main hero of the PS1’s “Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.” In that game, he used hundreds of swords and other weapons, and had a slew of dark powers, including transforming into a bat, wolf, or mist. But in “III” he was kind of a disappointment. Sure, he could shoot fireballs in three directions, but the attack was pathetically weak. He could, however, still transform into a bat, an extremely cool and helpful ability.

Most people don’t seem to remember that in his first appearance he was working for his father and acted as one of the game’s bosses until you defeated him. My comic book treatment really explores this inner conflict—he’s a haunted soul torn between his love for his wicked father, and the last plea of his human mother: “Do not hate humans. If you cannot live with them, then at least do them no harm…for theirs is already a hard lot.” It’s this desire to rebel against his evil upbringing but lack of faith in himself that makes him such an interesting character to me."

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  1. Awsome!
    And there's no reason why the two designs couldn't co-exist: he was much more similar to Dracula(but with a red cloack instead) including the dark hair when appeared as a villian.But just like Grant when defeated he would loose Dracula's "upgraded powers" and transform back to human,or in Alucard's the closest to human he can be.

  2. I love this design. You totally nailed it, Robert. And the background is breathtaking. I feel that beloved "Castlevania vibe" coursing through my veins! YEEEEEAAAARGGH!!

  3. It's really perfect!! I hope to see a SotN Alucard, too.

  4. God bless ya, finally Alucard looks like a man again D,: !!!

  5. lol, thanks yeah that particular Japanese art style can make everything look pretty effeminate. His new high heel boots dont help either.