Sunday, October 2, 2011

Another one down!

The next step of the process was to ink this piece. Lately for my daily sketches and commissions Im using a combination of felt tip technical pens, or microns. Generally when I ink interior comic book pages or covers I use brushes and higher end technical steel tip pens. The inking goes a little faster, but I also have more mobility with the microns. Meaning, I can just scoop up the pens I need and draw/ink anywhere with my lap board. If Im inking with a brush, it takes longer and I have to know I will have the time to sit at my desk until its done.

Snake Eyes and Scarlett Inks - 090
So this piece was inked with a Copic Multiliner pen size 1 and .05 and  a PITT Pen sizes XS, S and Brush to fill in the blacks.

Often I take these commissions and use the images to fill my art books and smaller sketch books. I have sold out of many of them. But you can actually find a stock of all 3 of my art books at my sponsor here:


  1. Awesome piece. Love your take on the Joe characters. Modern, with classic touches. I definitely need to talk to you about getting a piece(yes i know i'll have a significant wait time...but that doesn't matter)

  2. This cover never got used and it doesn’t look like it even got finished… gee, I wonder why… well maybe it’s because Chuck Dixon told us Snake Eyes/Scarlett fans that it was eventually going to happen… but as reported in Dec of 2012, it was all a lie because she’s being paired up with Mainframe… WTF?!?!?!? He’s putting her with someone else, someone who she had very little contact with, they share nothing in common, he stalked her from afar and there was no buildup to it at all and it’s boring as hell… what was the point of her having any scenes with Snake Eyes in this whole series????? What was the point of her giving him that clock or watch of her father’s????? I just don’t fucking get it

    1. This was a private commission and was never intended to be a cover. Just FYI, but I do get your point.