Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Better Late then never...

Man thats the story of my commission list AND today's blog post. Good grief. Not much to say here. I wanted to go to town on todays contribution to Batman week. Also it was a previous commission that I was able to knock out in the process. Since it's a full 11x17, it took longer than my typical sketch of the day.

This is the Stephanie Brown Batgirl, who I had heard great things about her storyline. Only recently was I able to read through them and I can see what all the fuss was about. Great story, and a very refreshing take on an old legacy character. I really dig the new updates to the classic Batgirl costume, very fun to do.

Batman Week - Batgirl - 100

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by Bryan Q. Miller


  1. Love it! I am glad you picked up the series, and enjoyed it. I heard that Stephanie will go back to being Spoiler in the DCnU....
    Love the composition of the piece. I can't wait to have it in hand

  2. While I have really enjoyed all the Batgirls that have been around, I can definitely say that I enjoyed reading about Stephanie the most. She was a character we really got to see grow up.

    John, I heard the same thing about her being back as Spoiler. I hope she's back as Spoiler, but also still the mature character she was when Batgirl ended.

    Awesome drawing, Robert. It looks amazing!!