Sunday, October 23, 2011

Breaker Breaker...1..2..

More of these head shots I am doing in the backs of my art books.  You can check out the previous post with Stalker for all of the details. Mostly I need to get back to some quick sketching to catch up with work. I was out of commission most of late last week and all day yesterday because my kids had the flu, and then they so lovingly passed it on to me.

So here by request is a "bearded" Breaker, and I couldn't resist throwing in the bubble gum as a throw back to those Joe fans that know what the gum is all about!

GI Joe: Breaker - 112

Art Books are available to purchase - $15 + $3 shipping.
If you would like an additional head sketch, Include $20 and the character you would like.
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  1. My first figure and still favorite Joe!

  2. That is AWESOME! He was my first figure, too; and you don't see him much. Take care of that flu and don't pass it on. ;)