Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Darn you PEREZ!!!!!

About a month or so ago IDW asked if I would like to do 3 covers for their GI JOE line. I agreed immediately, it's always fun to do more GI JOE.  Plus it extends this crazy cover run I've done with them. As of now I've drawn 47 covers for the GI JOE line at IDW! 4 years goes by quick.

Well this time around I probably should have asked what they wanted first. They needed them turned around pretty quick, and once I found out what they wanted....I realized quick was not going to be an option.

IDW has run a few homage covers lately, where they take their characters and place them in similar compositions as classic comic covers.  i.e. this Transformers/ Uncanny X-Men #1 homage

So they had another classic cover in mind for me. The Crisis on Infinite Earths cover#7 (1985) by none other than  George "I can't draw too many lines" Perez!

Now this cover has already be homaged to death...no pun intended....seriously it's been done a lot.

Though in an interesting twist this Uncanny X-Men Cover by John Byrne was done 5 years previous (1980).

This is where I come in. I had just got done talking to someone about how I don't really appreciate homage covers, because I rarely feel like the new version does the original justice. What can be brought to the table the improves on the original?  Well I hunkered down and got started anyway.

My initial prelim sketch, this is about 3 inches wide.


This sketch was approved and I started on the pencils. I quickly realized this was taking forever and I had to submit the unfinished pencils for approval if I was going to get it done in time.

I ended up finishing most of the line art for the cover in the inking stage going straight to inks for a lot of the background characters. I didn't have time to sketch out the details first. Luckily I really know these characters and vehicles and it wasn't that difficult.

We brought on Mark Roberts to color this cover for us, as well as the other associated homage covers. If you remember he colored up my Thundercats images for that themed week. After running through that gauntlet for me, I knew he was up for the task. This is his first IDW, GI JOE work!

Now before anyone FREAKS out, Scarlett does not die in this issue!! It is just an homage and she was an appropriate female to fit the pose. Please don't send me hate mail for killing Scarlett. I've already gotten emails about this. heh. 

After the process, I still feel like I didn't add anything to the original. I mean seriously that cover is regarded as one of the best and most influential cover in comics. But I can see the appeal now. Seeing the characters from a property that the fans love, in such a classic composition and/or pose has a fun nostalgic feal.

In the end, it was a ton of work. But certainly worth the time and fun I had doing it!


  1. Dude, thanks for getting Rock N Roll and the RAM in there!

  2. The X-Men cover came first by about 5 years.

  3. oop, thanks for the heads up. I will make that change.

  4. Tremendous piece, Robert! Look forward to seeing the other 2 covers soon...

  5. This really is an amazing cover Robert! Homage covers can be cool, but not always. This one is a great fit! Love the line up you did at the bottom showing all 3 together, that's sharp!

    Now what can we do about doubling your Joe cover run???

  6. As a non-fan of the cartoon and a huge fan of the comic book, I hate the Duke/Scarlett relationship. As well done as this cover is, I would have liked to see Snake-Eyes carrying Scarlett out from the helicopter crash that burned his face.

  7. We couldnt use Snake Eyes because he needed to be on his own homage cover. i will post that as soon as it comes out.

  8. 'George "I can't draw too many lines" Perez!' - Well said.

    Awesome cover! Even more so for the background knowing you used inks straight.

  9. Awesome cover. I am fine with homage covers when they are being done in respect to the original, and not just as a stunt. I know yours is out of respect.

    P.S. - that website that has all the homage covers for Crisis might want to double check their records. Some of those covers came out WAY before Crisis #7 did. For example the Star Wars cover with C-3PO hold Luke came out in like 1978, but Crisis #7 came out in 1985. They have a similar pose, but it's not an homage to Crisis #7 unless they were psychic. LOL

  10. I love this cover!!! Can I ask who the two characters standing beside Shipwreck are?

  11. Trip wire, then Clutch's head, you cant really see much of Clutch there.

  12. Awesome!! A while back I e-mailed you asking when you were going to draw Clutch. He's a little tiny but I'll take it. Thanks!! :D

    Are all of these and the X-men pics going to be in your next book?

  13. Incredible. Particular in that, for a so-called 'homage' cover, the b.g. is more detailed and dramatic than the too other examples of this particular layout.
    Yo Joe!