Friday, October 21, 2011

Homage part III

I promise this is the last one, heh trust me by this time around I was getting pretty sick of this layout too.

So like these other GI Joe related homage covers:

This was the cover for the IDW Cobra title , I tried to make sure each of these had a different feel or mood even though they were so similar to the original cover. Also with this one, I realized again that it's hard to show emotion on a guy whose face can't move.

Still, cool to draw all the IDW versions of the Cobra guys with this cover. I have only had the chance to draw a few of these while I've been on the main title or on Snake Eyes.

Cobra Homage Cover - 110
Layout sketches to get approved of the Snake Eyes and Cobra covers

My pencils weren't as tight and I left the black areas to be filled in during the inking stage. That's what the "X" markings stand for.

Inks by Juan Castro (GI JOE, Snake Eyes)  

Colors again by the amazing Mark Roberts! He had to color this in a couple of hours for it to be on time! 

Alright, so like I promised, this is the last one. Over all I think the GI Joe was my favorite. I totally agree it would be more appropriate for SnakeEyes to be holding Scarlett, but it just didn't work out that way. 

Thanks for all your feedback on the Homage covers, at the end of the day, I love that it gave me the chance to draw so many GI JOE characters back to back.


  1. All three tribute/homage covers are awesome. Really love the way you draw all of these characters

  2. I just picked up this issue today with your variant cover. Why do you have to be so good with these covers, Robert? Makes me want to keep picking up these extra variants.

    Bust seriously, awesome job. Love the way these look.