Sunday, October 16, 2011

Homage...with a spin

Here is the second Crisis Homage out of the 3 I did. My previous post about the homage and the process can be found here:

If you haven't read that post yet, please check it out before reading through this one. It explains why I was doing these in the first place.  So I wanted to change this from being such a direct homage as the GI JOE cover for 3 main reasons.

1. SnakeEyes would be concerned if Helix died, but he wouldn't be showing the kind of agony that is portrayed in the other covers. Not that this directly reflects the interior events of the story, but still I think it would be a weird image to draw considering they aren't "That" close.

2. Snake Eyes has a mask on, and I wouldnt have been able to get the full effect of showing the expression anyway.

3. The GI Joe Cover was such a direct homage, I didn't feel it was so necessary to recreate it all over again. Plus SE wouldn't be surrounded by all the other Joes since he is on separate missions. I liked the idea that instead of a mourning cover, that SE Iceberg, and Alpine are about to be attacked. SE has to lay Helix down (in that classic homaged pose) and is turning to make their last stand.

So here are some process images and a final colors by Mark Roberts!

Snake Eyes Homage cover Process - 105

Something about the tilt of SE's head I liked better in the pencils.

Inking the rock in front was cool, and I flipped Helix's body pose to change it up.

I added  a few more troopers before sending it on to Mark to color. You can see them up on the ledge.

This cover just recently sold. For those interested in my cover art. I currently only have 1 cover left. It is the cover to Snake Eyes #8. If you're interested, email me at:

Update: SE cover to #8 is SOLD. I will be doing SE covers for 9-12 in the next few months. I will notify when those become available. They go quick, so if you are interested in a future SE cover let me know now and I can put you on an email list. Thanks!