Saturday, October 15, 2011


Here we are, I'm finishing up this theme with the main man himself! I had a Birds of Prey commission that I am working on, and those characters are certainly batman related, but it's a huge commission and will take a few days worth of posts to complete it. So I thought it best to wrap up the theme with the best Batman I could draw in a couple of hours.

If I was going to work at DC and had a pick at what I could do, I would certainly draw a book in the Bat family of the universe. I have always been more interested in those characters that weren't overly super-powered, but went out there and fought crime anyway.  I like the stories that address the sidekicks or auxiliary  characters having those close calls (i.e. the recent Stephanie Brown Batgirl). It shows how well trained and perfected Batman has become in this craft. I also like going back and reading Batman year one, and seeing him make those same mistakes. Fantastic story by the way. I think my two favorite Batman books have been Year One and Hush. Long Halloween and Dark Victory coming in close as well. It's a little ridiculous how many times I've bought Hush. Separate issues, 2 Hard cover trades, 2 soft cover (lending out the HC books and never got them back), The combined soft cover of the full 12 issues (lent out the two smaller soft covers....and guess what happened) and finally I recently got the hard cover, black and white version that just shows the pencils throughout the book.

When it comes to these kind of buying habits, I'm pretty sure Im DC Comics and Instock Trades' ideal customer. It's good though. You could read Batman Hush and get a solid feel for who that character is in the modern age, and the world he lives in. Including all the characters that support him and his villains as well.

Speaking of Villains, I barely scratched the surface of one of the best rogues galleries in comics. I wasnt able to fit in some of Batman's greatest enemies. Post in the comments who your favorite Batman villain, (besides the Joker), and the character with the most votes I will squeeze in this month as well!

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  1. Obscure trivia: the very first Batman--Lewis Wilson from the 1943 serial--was the biological father of Michael G Wilson: Cubby Broccoli's stepson and successor as Executive Producer of the James Bond films.


    Orange you glad it wasn't another Val Kilmer reference?

  2. My favourite Batman villain has got to be Poison Ivy, hands down. She's been my fav since I was five! xD

  3. I'm surprised that you didn't go for the cod-piece costume.

  4. The best villain has to be Mr. Freeze! He has that powered suit, giving him increased strength. He has a background story that makes the reader sympathetic (his poor wife!). His personality is kind of the opposite of the joker--super serious and efficiency-oriented like an engineer. And how cool would it be to have a freeze-ray-gun?!

  5. Well, since you already did Joker, my next favorite villain would have to be Mr. Freeze and all his high tech gadgets and it has nothing to do with my favorite color being blue But, seriously Mr. Freeze comes in second behind Joker for me and 3rd would be Bane.

  6. The pairing of Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. I have always liked the dynamic of their personalities. With a slight edge going to Harley as my fave.

  7. One of my faves has always been The Scarecrow, it's such an interesting character, so much can be done with him , specially visually .

  8. Can we use the Sheldon Cooper voice?