Saturday, October 1, 2011

I've got some troopers...

and I don't mean the military kind. well not all of them anyway. Let me explain. I have a few art collectors that have commissioned me to do an art piece for them. They have been real troopers in that they are incredibly patient and forgiving of my schedule. 3 of them in particular have waited a ridiculously long time.  Olivia, Rob, and know who you are. I have others on the list as well that have waited, and I will get to all of you as soon as I can, but these 3 have are the kings and queen of playing the waiting game.

This month, I have a few theme weeks set, (Batman week, Monster week, Castlevania week) and the remainder of the month was devoted to random characters. Im going to set the randome characters aside until I can at least get these few commissions done.

The first up is for the lovely Olivia. How awesome is it that this young lady is one of the biggest SnakeEyes and Scarlett fans I've met. She's a pretty hardcore Joe fan, and an art collector = my favorite kind of person. heh. Her commission is of SnakeEyes and Scarlett, instead of kicking butt and taking names, it's a more tender moment. A side of SE that we don't normally see. Here is my prelim, I will take you through the process as I do these. Kind of a look into how I work out a commission or cover.

SnakeEyes and Scarlett - 089

The prelim was drawn on some scrap paper with a regular mechanical pencil. The sketch is roughly 3x7 inches. I will post the rough full size 11x17 pencils shortly.

Full Size Pencils

I took my sketch and enlarged it. I printed it out on 11x17 paper then lightboxed that image onto the art board this is drawn on. Since I am inking this myself I can still be loose with the pencils. Im leaving a lot of the rendering for the inking stage. I will have that up tomorrow. I liked the idea of mixing her recognizable star and SE's Arashikage symbol together. 


  1. That's awesome! I love the star/symbol mashup too :)

  2. Awesome piece. I'm a big Snake Eyes fan myself

  3. Beautiful job, and what a great idea that fusion of symbols. Personally, I'm fan of your artwork and fan of both (Scarlett and SE), and I didn't like that "duel" between Duke and SE in IDW series. I'm tend to think that a hardcore Joe fan (like I am as well) make it's own canon. And in my canon, Red combines with SE, and Duke is just happy lonely (and efficient) grunt.

  4. Wicked! Since my intro to G.I.Joe was the cartoon I always thought Scarlett was with Duke. I kind of like her with SE better. Seriously there have been people waiting longer than me? I don't feel so bad now. Keep up the great work.

  5. Ohhh man: Batman week,Monsters week and Castlevania week!!!!!
    What a month!!!:D