Monday, October 24, 2011

Move It You MAGGOTS!!!!

You know for as ridiculous as Sgt. Slaughter was, he's gotta be one of the most memorable GI Joe's of my childhood. I think it's because there actually was this guy walking around and wrestling people. Trust me I thought Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow or even characters like Flint were really cool, but I didnt see them on TV pile driving dudes.

Of all the real life people/characters that transitioned over to the GI Joe property, I think Sgt. Slaughter is such a caricature to begin with, that he was the one that stuck. Well today's sketch is of the old drill Sgt. Himself, another one of my head sketches inside the back of my art books. There are still a few available. Details to purchase them below.  Sketches finished in black Prismicolor pencils

GI Joe: Sgt. Slaughter - 113

Art Books are available to purchase - $15 + $3 shipping.
If you would like an additional head sketch, Include $20 and the character you would like.
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  1. Ooooo...LOVE the Sgt Slaughter sketch. That's awesome. Big fan of the Sarge

  2. Yes, favourite Joe ever, I met him once and got him to put me in the Cobra Clutch!

  3. Mr. Atkins,

    I will just pickup my art book at NC Comicon, if you have not already mailed it out.
    See you this weekend!