Monday, October 3, 2011

Peter Parker's Finger Puppet Parka!

I think I had posted this commission earlier in the summer before my daily sketches started. What I didnt mention was that while I was inking this I was also currently drawing the Snake Eyes book for IDW.  In SnakeEyes, he and a group of Joes were climbing up in the mountains. They were wearing all these heavy coat parkas with the furry hoods. I was inking this commission and around 2-3 am started nodding off while I was working....never a good combination when ink is involved.

Sure enough I nodded myself awake and to my dismay, during my delirium of inking and sleep, I had drawn a parka around Spiderman's index finger!?!  It was as if he was wearing a finger puppet with a was PETER PARKER'S FINGER PUPPET PARKA!

So I just went to bed, I needed a clear head to fix this problem. When I started work the next day, I was able to use an electric eraser to take off the majority of the dark ink.  Then I used whatever lines for the border and the webbing on his hands to disguise the Parka lines. Finally, to get rid of the remaining lines that I couldn't disguise, I took a craft knife and scraped off the top layer of the bristol board, essentially scraping off the mistake.

In my haste to correct the issue I didn't scan in the finger puppet parka. Quite unfortunate. Well the purpose of my post here is that I finally was able to do the second half of the commission and color it with marker. So here it all it colored, de-finger puppetted glory.

Spider-Man Colored - 091


  1. You need to market this idea, millions of tourists world wide would by this.

  2. I bet Robert did it on purpose. He's just making up this story to avoid going to Therapy.

  3. Maybe I should ask for parka puppets in my next sketch or you can surprise me?

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  5. Of all the "mistakes" that can be made, this is truly the most awesome!

  6. Woah, I cannot believe how have you managed to correct that!

    Iniking on late hours is a bad combination, I have fallen asleep on the table while inking, and GOD THE HORROR!! :S