Thursday, October 13, 2011

Robin 1, 2, 3 or 4...Who is your Robin?

I had to decide which Robin to go with. As with many DC characters, the role of Robin is what's called a "legacy" character. A position, or mantle that is passed on for another to assume. I really love this concept that DC comics has embraced. Characters like Robin, Batgirl, the Flash all have older and younger generation counterparts.

For Robin, I didn't even start reading much DC with any regularity until about 6 or 7 years ago. I occasionally picked up a good Batman or Superman arc. I was certainly around when Superman died, and jumped on that poly-bagged wagon. I'm pretty sure I even borrowed money from my brother to buy those die-cut cover issues of the 4 Supermen....I seriously doubt I ever paid him back for those....hopefully he doesn't read this.

But I digress, in the last 10 years if you started reading Batman, certainly Tim Drake (Robin #3) is your Robin. He has even gone through a few costume changes, and I prefer this one the most.  For this sketch, Riddler is too lame to get his own day for Batman week, so he gets to piggy back on Robin's background.

Batman Week: Robin -102

Original Art 
9x12 Ink and Marker on Bristol Board.
To Purchase, email subject "Robin" to


  1. Great job with that Bo staff Rob :D

  2. Aren't we up to 5 Robins now?

  3. Dick is my fav Robin, Awesome piece.

  4. Ain't gonna lie, I really dig this piece.
    Dick Grayson's gotta be my favourite Robin though.

  5. Love the piece. Tim Drake is definitely my Robin. I love the character of Dick Grayson more overall, but Dick Grayson to me will always be Nightwing. Tim has all the elements of the perfect Robin. He's a great fighter, an amazing detective, and big time computer savvy.

    The Robins we have had were:
    1) Dick Grayson
    2) Jason Todd
    3) Tim Drake
    4) Stephanie Brown (for a very short time period)
    5) Damian Wayne (the current Robin)

    Tim Drake Robin probably makes my top 5 DC characters.
    Great job.

  6. My amazing and very investigative sister filtered through my FB account and found where I had bought your Nightwing sketch that was posted a few months back, and mentioned your blog a few times on my page.
    She then bought this beautiful Robin sketch from your Toys for Tots auction and gave it to me (framed) for Christmas! I was beside myself! What a great gift! And it will go perfectly on my wall with the aforementioned Nightwing Sketch. My sister kicks @$$!

    In a perfect world, I would get sketches of Batman and Red Hood (maybe Alfred and Damian, too, together in one sketch -- Alfred resignedly holding Damian at arm's length, while Damian tries to punch him, but can't reach) to complete the set.

    I'm so proud to have these two pieces -- my first original art! Thanks so much!

    But you may want to remove the "Original Art for Sale - $60 + $6 shipping" from this post, as I'm pretty sure I am looking at the original right now -- I can see the pencil marks.

    Thanks again!