Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Robo-tech pens!

Man, for as much as I love drawing big robots, inking them takes me forever. heh. This was a sketch from my ill-fated Robot Week earlier in the challenge.

The fellow that bought this sketch at the time requested that I ink it up for him as well. So here ya go. I wish I had some kind of crazy cool #100 idea for the sketch.....but I dont.

So here ya go!

Robotech Inked - 107

Also, for many of these sketches they are nice and open like this one. Anyone please feel free to use these for coloring pages. I try to size them well enough that you can save the image to your computer and print it out. I don't know too many 5 year old kids that can't wait to color up a Robotech picture...but you get what I mean.

For any Coloriss out there that needs line art to practice on or would simply like to color up one of my daily sketches, simply email me and I will be happy to email  you back the high res line art!
Thanks Everybody!

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  1. awesome stuff buddy... love checking out your blog it is a a bright spot everyday in my week. Keep up the work you are making a bigger difference than you will ever know. Thanks.