Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Shadow Gambit- Basil

One of the main reasons I started this blog was because I knew I wasn't going to be on a monthly title. I was starting work on a  Graphic Novel (or a comic book that is one large complete story), and that would mean I wouldn't be able to show my work on such a regular basis. The blog is a way to keep people aware of what I'm working on along with all the other fun reasons for doing it.

The OGN (original graphic novel) that I'm working on is called "Shadow Gambit" which is one story in the Basil and Moebius Chronicles.  The concept and screenplays were created by Ryan Schiffrin, and the book is being scripted by Larry Hama (GI Joe).  The story revolves around two lead characters that are part spy, thieves and archeologists of sorts. Your James Bond meets Indian Jones so to speak. There have been other books and stories created with these two, namely "The Devil's Handshake" and the short film "No Rest for the Wicked" Starring Ray Park, Zachary Levi and Malcom McDowell! You can find previews and the trailer for the film here:

The Short film is premiering at a film festival tonight in Hollywood, CA at the Chinese theater! Very cool stuff. My favorite part of the film is the monkey wielding the straight blade knife!

Anyway, this book is going to keep me busy for awhile, but I wanted to share the sketches that went into the characters designs. First up today is Basil Fox. Works as a Queen's Guard in London, trained in many fighting styles, and can certainly hold his own in a scrap.

Shadow Gambit: Basil Fox - 108

Next up Moebius!


  1. out of curiosity how long does it take you do something like this?

  2. wow, that's pretty neat stuff. Interesting to have all those connections to Gi Joe. Yourself, and Larry Hama working on the comic. Ray park playing Basil. Look forward to more.

  3. Its hard to say how long something like this takes. Because they aren't quick sketches and Im focusing on keeping character consistency along with varied expression they can take a while. But it's not like I do this kind of work everyday either. THese probably took me 3-4 hours a sheet.

  4. yeah I had a chance to meet and talk with Ray at this last Chicago Comic Con in Aug. we talked about his Snake Eyes work right now that he's filming for GI Joe 2, along with the Basil stuff. Great guy, fun to hang out with.