Thursday, October 20, 2011

Shadow Gambit- Moebius

For all the specifics of the new property I'm working on just scroll down a bit to the Basil Fox character post or follow this link:

But today's sketch is the second half of the duo you can find Alaric Moebius' bio info here: 

But on to the sketch, one added bonus about this character is I'll be forced to learn how to draw a proper fedora hat. You can tell in some of the sketches Im still figuring it out. Also for this book I won't have an inker. The artwork is going straight from my pencils. So these character sketches were a way to see if my pencils could be tight enough with colors over them for the final art. I'm really happy with how these guys are looking on the pages of the book. 

Moebius - 109

Along with the Basil sketches Mark Roberts colored this up for us as a try out for the book! and INSTOCK TRADES have been fantastic sponsors for my blog so far. As I'm promoting a book here that isn't quite out yet, I wanted to still be sure to spotlight the fine folks there. Instock trades is one of the very few places that still has my Convention Sketchbooks that I printed a couple years ago. I have been sold out for quite awhile. Also they currently have a small stock left of the Art Book I put together last year. A collection of these 3 books is a great commentary on the work I've done for GI JOE over the last 4 years. Much like this blog, it's full of sketches that chronicle my process and exhibit convention sketches, commissions, and covers. Properties include GI Joe, Snake Eyes, Amazing Spider-man, Fantastic Four, and many others that I've worked on during that time.

For a great price, check out the limited edition Robert Atkins Art books that are available at 

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