Friday, October 28, 2011

Trevor Belmont...the manly version

As I was talking with Quinn working up these new character designs he was pretty adament about the fact that he wanted a more manly looking Trevor Belmont. While the japanese Castlevania designs are beautifully designed and rendered, they can come across a bit androgynous.

With Quinn's direction I used the cover to Castlevania III or IV (I forget now) showing Simon in Barbarian/Roman looking armor and rockin' a head band, but missing some pants. He had that Roman/Greek style fighting skirt. I tell you that was the first thing to go, this guy needed some pants.

Beyond that I just added armor over a leather jurkin and trousers. The straps and "gear" he has is the chain whip (which I think actually has a name) a cross with beads tucked into his belt, a holy water bottle tucked in a pouch on his left hip, and a trusty dagger hanging from his belt as well. It looks more complicated than it is probably. But I thought it a good mix of the old simpler design, and the newer very elaborate designs. Certainly a bit more manly to say the least.

Castlevania Week: Trevor Belmont - 117

“There is always hope. Though the powers of evil may rant and rage, for all their uproar they are no match for the power of good. All that is required is that we do not give up.”

I just rambled on....pretty incoherently about a character I don't know. For a more capable description here are Quinn's comments on Trevor Belmont:

"Trevor Belmont made his first appearance in “Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse,” the third and last game in the series for the original Nintendo. Trevor’s descendant Simon Belmont had been the hero in the first two games, but for whatever reason Trevor became my favorite Belmont—strange, considering his in-game abilities were pretty much identical to Simon’s and there wasn’t much in the way of character development in the games of those days. Perhaps he became my favorite because “III” is my favorite video game of all time. Maybe it was because he was the strongest character in the game with the best weapon selection, the go-to warrior you could always count on. Perhaps it was because he could transform into the game’s other three heroes, a super-cool power. Or maybe it was because he was the first of the Belmont bloodline to take on the awesome might of Count Dracula and win. Whatever the reason, he’s one bad mother.

In the later PS2 game “Castlevania: Curse of Darkness,” they made him kind of an arrogant tough guy, but that felt wrong to me. In my comic book treatment, I’ve written him as I always imagined: a brave, noble warrior who’s somewhat disgruntled with the Church for exiling his clan, but who nevertheless has unshakable religious conviction and becomes a moral compass for the rest of the team. He’s the ally you can always look up to, plus he kicks some major evil butt."

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