Saturday, November 26, 2011

Alucard...Son of Dracula! Simon strikes again....

Not that Belmont guy, I mean Simon GOUGH!  Im going to have to start calling this the ROBERT ATKINS/ SIMON GOUGH Art Blog. I've really enjoyed working with Simon on all these various projects. He's also been coloring up each of the covers I do for Snake Eyes over at IDW each month. He's doing a bang up job for those as well. Those covers are a big part of why I've been so busy lately. Between daily sketches, penciling and inking covers, and doing my best to keep up with my comic pages, it's really been a gauntlet of a week.

So here is another of the Castlevania Week sketches done around Halloween, that Simon is coloring up. My friend Quinn, who provided all the helpful info about the property and characters that week, is putting together an amazing comic pitch for Castlevania. It's got me really excited and the pitch book is coming together very nicely with the addition of these colors.

Alucard Colors - 145

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