Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I wanted to go with something a little lighter, something not as dark as my recent pieces for Castlevania. Don't get me wrong, I had fun working with all the shadow's and creepiness, but this seemed like a breath of fresh air. Also I need to get back to the quicker sketches. I love putting all the detail in, but I was getting into the habit of doing full on commissions. Heck even more complicated than my commissions with the recent themes.

I will still keep my theme sketches much tighter in general, but I like having some random characters in between that I can play with and loosen up a bit. I know I drew Angel already for the X-Men theme week. You can see that one here:

But I wanted to focus on his wings in that one and there wasn't much of the character shown. So in this one it's brings the focus more to Warren. This took about 45-60 min. or so. Which was my initial plan for these to begin with.

Angel - 129

This is also a great chance to give a quick X-Men Month colors update with the latest contributions

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  1. Okay now I need that Angel pic as well. You're killing me man, lol.

  2. Robert, that Magneto sketch is wonderful. Great job as always!

  3. anyone have a line to the X-Office? someone get Robert on X-Men now!

  4. @Eric W. I second that!


    Here's their email....Just sayin' ;)