Sunday, November 13, 2011

Castlevania Simon Belmont, Now in Technicolor!

Or basically just colored. So not a new sketch, but certainly worth taking a look. Once again my appropriately named colorist, Simon, did a bang up job on this character piece.

When I did the layouts, it was with the intention that this could be viewed as a comic cover or strategy guide cover art. The colors Simon brought to the piece do a phenomenal job of setting the mood and capturing the tone of Castlevania.

You can check out Simon Gough's other work here at his

Castlevania Week's Simon Belmont Colors - 133

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Link to the Black and White line art for Simon Belmont

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  1. Simon is the man! The colors look very cool and creepy! Plus I really like the roughed out border!

  2. I looks awesome. Just like a video game cover. I could see that on the old NES game boxes.