Tuesday, November 29, 2011


The one GI JOE that can tear up a VAMP faster than VanHelsing!

Clutch has always been a cool character, and we've not seen a whole lot of him in the IDW run. I only got to draw him a few times. Often I drew the A.W.E Striker with Crankcase at the wheel in the books I worked on. I threw in a VAMP as often as I could in atleast the backgrounds and anytime I could sneak in a vehicle. The Vamp is one of my favorite Joe vehicles, and that being the case Clutch was never far removed.

This is just a quick head sketch in the back of my art book for someone. He had been waiting for this, and I needed to get going on a page asap to stay on schedule. Lotsa stuff to do!

Drawn with a black coloring pencil, about 20-30 min.

GI JOE Clutch - 148

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  1. That is awesome dude. I can't wait to have that in my hands. It's a shame that Clutch has been so neglected in IDW's comics. I spoke with Chuck Dixon once and he went with Crankcase over Clutch just because CC had a new toy out, (never mind that it was an impossible-to-find exclusive, lol). He did manage to squeeze him in to one issue for me.