Monday, November 28, 2011

Cobra Commander 9th Grade....

I thought about having him shout "Retreat!!!" ....but that was the cartoon fan in me and I didnt want to ruin a cool sketch, heh. This sketch presented an interesting challenge in getting the Cobra logo on the book. I could have freehanded it, but it certainly wouldnt have looked quite accurate. Over the years this symbol has been a work in progress. It's actually very hard to draw freehand and get it exactly symmetrical every time.

 Sometimes I print it out and light box the symbol to get it draw accurately in the book, but with this blank cover that wasnt practical. So I created a stencil out of vellum, and cut out the symbol, then used that to draw on the cover and clean it up in ink. That's the old school way to do it. Maybe with all this technology there's an easier way, but that just seemed the simplest way to get it done.

I'm glad I took the time to do it though, I like how this came out. I never get tired of drawing the Commander, that's for sure!

Sketch Cover Cobra Commander - 147

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  1. Great pose, love the reflection in his helmet! COBRAAAAA!

  2. I like how his uniform is sortofa combination of the best parts of his multiple incarnations while immediately retaining that iconic look (the battle helmet).

  3. Looks very good. BTW, keep up with the old school techniques; you made it work very well.

  4. Love the reflection in the Commanders face plate.