Thursday, November 17, 2011

Deadpool 4th Grade...

Deadpool = what would happen if you had a mash up of Spiderman and SnakeEyes and a crazy person.

I've always enjoyed drawing Deadpool, he's definitely a character I would have fun with in a book. I like drawing the combat, weapons, fighting action. Then on top of it, you have a ridiculously lunatic character and all the shenanigans that's sure to entail.

I had a sketch started with a classic Deadpool pose of him jumping at you with the two swords...I'm sure that would have worked. I think this still has the dynamics, but you get a sense of his character. My 4th Graded book....

Sketch Cover Deadpool - 137

For the other Spiderman, SnakeEyes AND Deadpool sketches, 
they are in my 50 page art book called
Atkins: Declassified
I still have a few copies left for $15 each with $3 shipping.

Like I said in my Thor post, Adonis has put this whole group of sketches together for me! 
I wanted to send you all over to his awesome collection of cover sketches you can find them 

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  1. Fantastic layout! Perfect!


  2. Robert, I don't know what's your plan for 2012, but you NEED to come to NYCC.

    Not only do I want you sign my books and get a commission, I also want to shake your hand for doing one of the best comic artist blog on the net.

  3. I agree with Jackie about you having one of the best artist maintained blogs available. Thanks for making the extra effort to share your work. Your art is really incredible.

  4. Thanks guys, I've had a blast keeping this up and making it a priority. It's reenergized my work in a lot of ways.

    I will definitely be at NYCC 2012. I couldnt make it this year because of schedule conflicts, but I'm doing quite a few next year.