Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Harry Potter

This is a small sketch I did for someone, I want to say congrats to! Chris and his wife just had a baby girl and they were decorating their nursery with an owl theme. I believe with other Harry Potter art as well. I'm doing this sketch and another I will post tomorrow for them. I thought I had time to get it done, but she was born a few weeks premature. Man, nothing like a deadline that jumps up on you like that. whew.

Still I wanted to make sure I had these done by Christmas and didn't want to put them off any further. Similar to my last Harry and Hedwig, but this is just 5x7 inches and couldnt get too complicated. It's a good pose to show both Harry and Hedwig, and there wasn't any need for an action shot or anything too dynamic. Fun to do for sure.

Harry Potter and Hedwig - 149

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