Sunday, November 6, 2011

"Keep your Green hands to yourself!"

Today was the second and last day of the NC Comic Con in Raleigh. I had a great time, the show was nice and busy, especially the first day. The convention is actually in the Morrisville Mall. They split up the convention in to various empty store fronts. Each store area was it's own con room. They split Artist Alley into 2 rooms, there is a Dealer room, and a Panel Discussion room.
Dr. Fate's awesome Helmut!

 They ran art contests for various age groups and did a costume contest the second day. My vote was for Dr. Fate, he was totally rockin' a homemade helmut that would have made my son jealous!

Generally shows I've been at where the rooms are split up don't seem to be as successful if you're in artist alley. Attendees that are interested in talking to artists or purchasing work or books from artists will seek you out, and those are the sales you can expect anyway. But what you loose is the impulse buyer who after making their toy, comic, collectible purchases will wonder artist alley and something might catch their eye. If I'm in a different part of the building, even sometimes in an adjacent room out of sight, I miss getting to talk to those people

For a combination of reasons, this show was different. Great volunteers that were helpful, Clear and Visible signage to direct you where to go, and plenty of space to walk around without feeling cramped. It seemed like no one was stuck off in a corner, but each of us had visible and easily accessible tables for the attendees to find us. It was just a great, well run show. I believe they had an attendance of around 3,000. That was speculative when I had to leave, but Im curious to hear a total number. It's their 3rd year running, and seems to grow each year. Huge pat on the back to Eric Hoover for coordinating the show and thank you for bringing me down!

Con Sketch: Black Canary - 126

 I did this Black Canary sketch between 3am-5am Sun morning. I had just finished that Red Lantern piece. It was late, but I knew I had to get this done since it was in a sketchbook full of various artist sketches and the attendee needed their book back. The whole book was full of amazing Black Canary sketches, and that's always intimidating. I tried to find an angle that still shows her costume clearly, but also keep from repeating something already in the book. Each time I get a sketch book to draw in, I flip through it and consciously try to add something unique to it. Here is me around 1-2 am as I was looking for reference on my iPad while sketching.

This is pretty usual for me to be up all night during conventions doing as many sketches as I can possibly get to. I'm very rarely the first to bed, and often still up when we all start getting ready for the next day. Luckily the other guys don't mind me having a lamp on through the night. However, last year in New York we had 4 guys in this tiny room. It didn't have a desk and there wasn't a lamp to turn on. I ended up sitting on the floor with a board outside the bathroom. I turned on the bathroom light and cracked the door just enough to put light on my page. I was up all night that time around too. oy.  I never said con life was easy, but hey, I figure I can always sleep on the plane!


  1. As the owner of said sketchbook, I'd say this sketch stands up against any of the other pieces in the book. Love the unique perspective and extra points for the boxing glove arrow! Thanks again for the great sketch!

  2. Ben, glad you liked it! A lot of people don't understand the "sketchbook" hobby, and how fun it can be. You basically get an entire art collection of your favorite artists, or new found talent over the course of years. It becomes a personalized coffee table book of your favorite characters by hand picked artists over years of collection. people might say to tear out the piece and frame it, but that defeats the purpose a bit.

    You had a great book going here, Its too bad I didnt get a chance to see your other two circulating around. You certainly knew how to work the show with three books at once! It was great meeting you Ben, keep in touch!

  3. Thanks Robert! Next show I see you at, I'll be sure to show you the other books. Great meeting you this weekend. Until next time...

  4. You're like a sketching super hero Robert! So much dedication. QwQ