Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kitty Kitty Bang Bang....

Kitty Pryde, or Shadowcat on the X-men was a character I really wanted to get to during X-Men month. I had even drawn the initial layout for the sketch but for whatever reason couldn't get to it in Sept. Here is the rough pencils, I will be inking this probably  for tomorrow's sketch. The pencils take about 30 min. and the inks take 30-60 min. So it really makes sense with my schedule to break it up.

The sketch itself will go to a good friend Mike O'Sullivan! Who is hands down, the biggest Kitty Pryde and Lockheed fan I know. His cat is named Lockheed...Im not kidding. For that reason alone he probably deserves this sketch. But beyond that, Mike is a good friend from my graduate school days at S.C.A.D. Then as it turned out, Mike gave me my first solo job in comics with Snake Eyes: Declassified over at DDP publishing when they had the GI Joe License. It's because of Mike that I've been so involved with the GI Joe license for the last 6 years or so. With a HUGE Thanks to Mike, this sketch will be for him.

Kitty Pryde herself has always represented the youthful side of the X-Men from her Sprite days. The X-Men issue I remember most as a kid was actually #139 which is her first appearance on the team. That whole beginning danger room scene I had as a reprinted black and white comic, which I promptly used as a coloring book.  Before Jubilee, or New Mutants, she was the character that brought the innocence and youthful compassion to the team. In recent years there has been this alien race that wanted to destroy earth. I wont get into the details except to say they shot a gigantic bullet at our planet....I know.

So given Kitty's powers to become intangible or make whatever she touches intangible she volunteers to save the planet by phasing it through earth as it went by. The downside being she was  stuck in the bullet for a year flying through space. Ever since this crazy thing happened I don't think her character has been handled all that well. They've done they best they could with a weird predicament she was placed in, and getting her back to earth, but thats about it.  Still it doesn't change how cool she is, or the potential that will always be there for the character.

Kitty Pryde - 130

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  1. That's one of the best female faces you've ever done actually. Not a huge Kitty fan, (although I do think she's one of the most interesting X-men characters), but that pic is great.

  2. Awsome pic, as for naming pets after x-men characters i have a cat named Rahne. She is a red brown colour and fits the name very well.

  3. Sweet illustration Robert. Thanks for taking the extra time to share your work here on your blog. It's always a treat to see something new, that you're working on. Best

  4. Yeah this is probably the best artist blog I have ever seen. He's updating it with new goodies pretty much every day.

  5. Hey man, have you watched the Astonishing X-Men motion comic yet?