Saturday, November 5, 2011

Red Lanterns.....blaaaargh...

Today's sketch is for someone here at NC Comic Con! He requested these Red Lantern characters that have been prominant in the Green Lantern books the last couple of years, and more recently have their own ongoing series coming out from DC Comics! I have to say, the red lanterns kind of gross me out. But there is just something crazy and cool about this weird enraged cat that is up on this lady's shoulders. When trying to come up with a pose or way to combine these two lanterns on the page, I was reminded of how just a few days ago I was surprise attacked by a cat who jump on my head and shoulders like this. I was picking up my daughter from a friends house. They have cats and as I was waiting for my daughter, I feel this WHUMP! on my back and head. I haven't been around cats in a long time and it completely took me by surprise.

For my sketch to day if I had to draw an evil cat, this seemed to be a proper pose for it. Digging it's claws into whomever it decided to pounce on while flying by. Tomorrow I will have one more con sketch to show, and then Mon. Castlevania week continues for a few more characters! Thanks for your patience and sticking with me.

Red Lanterns - 125

Original Art 
11x17 Ink on Bristol board
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