Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Richter Belmont

Of all the Belmont line, this design of Richter is my favorite, with probably Leon a close second. He just has a swashbuckling, cavalier look about him. He has the classic whip and sword, man you can't go wrong here.

For the sketch I wanted to do something a bit more dynamic, I was actually going to start a more modern looking Alucard, but after working this sketch out felt it would be perfect for Richter instead. Im at a loss though what to put behind him. If I can think of a decent idea or I get a good suggestion I might go in later and throw something in. I can probably just do some interior castle elements. We'll see. Until then here's...

Castlevania Week: Richter Belmont - 121

I just rambled on without really knowing much about the character. For a more capable description here are Quinn's comments on Richter:

Richter is one of the last Belmonts to fight Dracula, appearing in "Castlevania: Rondo of Blood" and its various remakes. Richter is unique in that he possessed new powers, able not only to use the standard vampire hunting weapons, but also to unleash massive attacks with them called "Item Crashes." Plus he could backflip. Awesome. Unfortunately he was possessed by Dracula's servant Shaft four years later (in "Castlevania: Symphony of the Night") and Alucard had to fight him and either kill him, or in the better ending, break his curse. For reasons as yet unexplained, after Richter the Belmont family all but disappeared for a number of years, leaving it up to other heroes, including the Morris family, to take up the whip.

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  1. I love the dynamic look, and the smile he has--he enjoys this vampire slaying stuff! Lots of energy and personality in this one.

  2. Am I wrong, or Richter has a mustache? O.O