Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Simon Belmont....Not the dorky one with goggles

I had to go all out for Simon. Even I know the name Simon Belmont, for all the history that has been built upon Castlevania, Simon stands out as the first and most played Vampire Slayer.  I thought about giving him a fiery whip, but decided to go traditional after I realized how busy this was going to get.

I wanted to draw some Skeleton warriors since they are such a big part of the game. I didn't know if I should just do them alone on their own sketch or combine them against one of the Belmonts. My friend Quinn (who's idea it was for me to even do Castlevania week) told me I NEEDED to have them fighting, and it HAD to be SIMON! heh. So there you go. I wanted this sketch to really embody the Castlevania property, so I went ahead and added the castle and background as well. This ended up taking quite a bit longer than my normal sketch, (hence the higher art price) but I still learned a lot from doing it and enjoyed every minute!

Castlevania Week: Simon Belmont - 122

I just rambled on without really knowing much about the character. For a more capable description here are Quinn's comments on Simon:

"Of all the Belmonts, Simon is the most famous--he's appeared in more games than any other hero in the Castlevania universe. His first adventure was in the original "Castlevania," taking place in the year 1691. This quest has been remade several times for many gaming consoles. Eight years after he killed Dracula, he found out he was slowly dying from a curse the Count placed upon him. He was then forced to travel all of Transylvania in search of Dracula's body parts, then return to the castle and burn them to break the curse for good. How's that for perseverance?"

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  1. Holy Cwap!!! This might be one of my all time favorite pieces you have done so far. That is quite the awesome scene. Great job, Robert!!