Tuesday, November 22, 2011

SnakeEyes Vs. Zartan....Who's Cooler?

Quick post tonight. I'm beat and I've been working all day. I took a little break to go to the movies with my wife, which is so nice to get out of the studio for a bit. But I've had a ton of fun the last couple of days banging out a few new covers for the Snake Eyes series.

I had to keep my sketch to the minimum 30 min. I think this took probably 20 actually, but I couldn't spare much more than that due to deadline work. Since Snake Eyes was on my mind, I doodled up a quick kick (wink) and then I thought for a second who he should be sending into next week. Introduce Zartan on the business end of Snake Eyes' boot!

When I first got into GI Joe, these two characters were my absolute favorite good guy and bad guy. As it turns out, my first two solo penciling gigs in comics were Snake Eyes: Declassified and Dreadnoks: Declassified for Devil's Due Publishing. My lucky day they were the lead characters in both!

So just a quick sketch today to warm up, tomorrow I should have time to get back to a blank cover again!

Snake Eyes and Zartan - 141

9x12 Ink on Sketchbook Paper.
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  1. now can we get a sketch of Zartan kicking SE back?

    Zartan's my favorite bad guy EVER and I want his prowess to be showcased. :) Yes, the one vote he has on the poll is mine.

  2. Excellent action scene! And who knows: maybe Zartan held his own until this final kick?