Monday, November 14, 2011

Spider-Man 1st grade...

This coming week isn't exactly a theme week, but there is going to be a common element to the next 10 drawings I post. I was contacted by a friend whom I've finished commissions for and I met at conventions, and I was asked to do 10 blank comic book cover sketches to be graded.

There is a growing trend in the last few years for comic publishers to do an extra run of books for a particular issue. On those extra books the cover is left blank. These books are then collected by fans and it has become a hobby for many to find artists and commission an original cover to be drawn on their own book. Now this book becomes one of a kind, the key to any great collectible!

That alone is quite interesting and makes the comic valuable, certainly to the owner, but possibly to others as well. If the artist who has drawn on the cover is well known, OR the art is of a high enough quality the value of this "original" book increases. To take that a step further, this hobby has been combined with another, to have your comics "graded" through the C.G.C. (Certified Guaranty Company). The C.G.C. have trained evaluators on staff who will put a grade of 1-10 on the book which is then sealed and packed in a plastic case. The grade and a verification is placed on the plastic case to ensure and record it's preserved quality.

So now, collector's are getting these one of a kind books sketched on and then graded to increase that one of a kind value. This combination, when done right, is making these blank comics quite the collector's item. And here I thought as soon as I was out of art school, I wouldnt have to worry about the grade I was getting for my work!?!

I have 10 of these to work though, fairly random characters, though you might see a trend here pretty soon. heh. First up...

Amazing Spider-man issue #648 Cover - 134

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  1. Little nod to McFarlane with the webbing there? ;)

    I really wish you were working on one of the SM books.

  2. Hey Robert, CGC isn't really grading you on your work but rather the condition of the comic. You can just draw a stick figure on these if you want, but I wouldn't recommend doing that.