Saturday, November 19, 2011

Storm Shadow 6th Grade...

Man these covers are cruisin' right along. Just a few more days and they'll be wrapped up. I'm really having fun with these and considering how much I used to dread them, that's sayin' something......BUT before I go on and on with too much praise, there was a wrench thrown into this crazy cover sketching machine I'm becoming.

This cover is from an old Devil's Due mini series called Storm Shadow. Written by Larry Hama,  and edited by my good friend Mike O'Sullivan, I really liked this series. There was a variant cover to issue #1 that just had the Arashikage ninja clan symbol in red on a white background. The back of the book was blank. This was all before the blank cover craze hit, and we've got someone with the awesome idea, that this is a chance to get some cool Storm Shadow cover art!

Now I am in no way, knockin' the idea. I actually really like the concept. But in practice, this cover stock was hands down, without question, the WORST paper I have EVER tried to ink on. Im not complaining, Im just stating a very clear fact. Ha, man I thought Fallen Son covers were bad, I thought that last X-Men cover was a pain, GOOD NIGHT! I tried penciling on this cover and nothing would show up. Seriously nothing. I was able to make a few marks that would engrave a line into the stock. I quickly realized there wasnt going to be any redrawing or I would have an engraved maze of lines and I'd be Etching instead of Sketching. As soon as I had the figure very basically suggested I started inking. I knew I was going to do some kind of background, but I was still trying to picture what I wanted as I worked.

After 3 different brands of pens I found one that would actually keep a mark on the paper. While this still smeared in a couple of little places, it all stayed pretty well. Storm Shadow is one of my favorite characters that I rarely get to draw, and I love Japanese architecture, so in spite of the actual experience, this was one of my favorites so far.

Sketch Cover Storm Shadow - 139

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  1. Too bad that cover is such a pain, I would track some of those down otherwise.

    Fantastic shot of Storm Shadow!! You were born to draw GI Joe ninjas!


  2. I know if it was a nice matte cover stock, this would have been perfect. Oy but man it blows. heh.

    I also agree that drawing ninjas was the purpose of my existence on this planet. Thanks Mom! High-5