Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thor 2nd Grade ...

Thor again, heh. I've been such a big fan of the new launch of Thor from a few years ago that I will never get tired of drawing this version of him. Coipel is a fantastic artist, and he certainly came up with a classic design that is going to last.

Here is another sketch cover for the group of books that I will be drawing on. Not much to say technically, but that I wanted an iconic looking shot with a lot of weight to it. The collector (and the guy who put this all together for me, thanks Adonis!) asked that I incorporate the lighting. And here's the end result. On to another!

Thor Sketch Cover - 135

My wife thinks I spend too much time on these....I dont think Adonis minds though.

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  1. Very nice! Being a future recipient of one of these (the Storm Shadow book) tell your wife we appreciate your attention to detail!!!

    Excellent job on the first two!!!!

  2. As the owner of this sketch, let me personally say thanks to Robert for agreeing to these covers, not just for me, but for fans of his work. He truly is an amazing talent.

    A friend and a fan,

    Adonis M.