Friday, November 18, 2011

X-Men 5th Grade...

Alright Brad, you're the one....heh So out of this whole batch I had one....Just one who sent me one of the old covers to draw on. rackafrackahrmmm...

heh, I'm kidding, it wasn't terribly frustrating. As I mentioned in a previous post before this became such a collectors' hobby Marvel and other companies were printing these blank covers with still very glossy thin cover stock. It made it very difficult to see a pencil line, and even harder to find a pen that wouldn't smear the second your had touched the surface. Sometimes even HOURS after you inked the cover.

This Astonishing X-Men cover wasn't as bad, and I've since found very good pens for these surfaces. That really helped this time around. Also this cover presented a very interesting challenge. There is already a drawing of Wolverine on the cover. Like a visual prompt, the challenge is to place him in a scene that plays off of Wolverine acting so out of his trademark grim and gritty character. Here is the cover as I received it:

Wolverine art by John Cassaday

For this cover Brad (I'm taking a second to shake my fist) asked for The Incredible HULK! When Wolverine first appeared in Marvel comics he was put in a fight between the HULK and the Wendigo (a white furred Canadian Sasquatch). I think seeing such  small and scrappy character pitted against these two huge monsters and holding his own, set the tone for how awesome Wolverine would eventually become! I've never drawn this encounter or even referenced it in a sketch and tried to homage that scene. My idea was HULK thinking "You're next!" and Ol' Logan being intimidated by how he handled the Wendigo. Fun stuff. 

HULK Wendigo Cover - 138

For the other Hulk and Wolverine sketches, 
they are in my 50 page art book called
Atkins: Declassified
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  1. Ha! This is awesome. Fantastic integration of the Wolverine already there (wouldn't you have loved to be Cassady and get paid for that cover).

  2. Seriously, he's famous for this. Do you remember the three claws cover, or the Nightcrawler tail. yeesh. Of course I did a GIJOE cover of just SE's I can't complain too much. heh.