Monday, December 5, 2011

American Werewolf in Springfield...

Simon Gough strikes again with this fantastic coloring job over the Cornell Werewolf lines from the Castlevania week. I'm gonna keep spotlighting these as they come up,  along with the X-Men month sketches he's coloring.

These are just fantastic examples of what a colorist can add to the line art in this industry. When making comics, it's really an assembly line process. Typically you have an artist in charge of the design and pencils, then an inker (or the penciler will do this job as well, like here on the blog), then a colorist to complete the art. Each role has a distinct job, and generally whenever one of these steps is found lacking, the whole piece can fall apart rather quickly. Luckily with a more than capable colorist, they can really make an image pop and come to life. I think this is a great example of that. Simon really added a mood and ferocity to Cornell.

Castlevania Week Colors - Cornell - 154

Here are the other two Castlevania pieces so far...More to come!

Simon Belmont 

If you missed the black and white sketch - Check the Oct. archives to the right for the initial Castlevania week posts where I talk about each sketch

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