Monday, December 19, 2011

Atomic Robo Contest winner!

So waaaay back in the beginning of the blog, about a month or so in, I did a contest based on this Atomic Robo sketch:

The contest asked for a caption to go along with the image above. Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener, the creator's of Atomic Robo, were kind enough to judge the caption entries. The winner of the contest is 
Jeff Morris with his caption: "Support the War Effort: Recycle @$$ Whuppin's!" For the blog, I've decided to adjust the language just a bit, though I appreciate Jeff's enthusiasm. 

Jeff has won this original sketch, along with the colored print with his caption placed on it. Because of the nature of the sketch and his quote being more specific to WWII, we did up the sketch as a propaganda poster from that era.

Atomic Robo Colors - 168

Thanks to Mark Roberts for doing the colors, 
and my brother Brian Atkins for working up the design and typography!

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  1. Are you going to make prints for sale? Please say yes.

  2. I get a print too? Awesome!

    Umm...don't want to sound like an @$$ here...but shouldn't the top read "support THE war effort" ?

  3. Dont worry Robert let me know of the slip and "the" versions will be made available. ;)