Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Captain America

A bit of a left over commission from the blank covers. This was just done on 9x12 bristol board, but it's for someone in that same group. First chance to draw the movie version of Cap.  Fun to do, I liked all the costume details!

Captain America (Movie version) - 170

Christmas Contest Update
I've narrowed down a top 3 from the list of Christmas character (scene) suggestions from the various sites and emails. However, I'm still taking suggestions until Christmas Eve! The right last minute suggestion just might be the one to make it! 

Again the contest is simply to suggest a character or scene that would be an appropriate piece to draw for Christmas day. If I choose your idea, You will get the art created on that day for free shipped directly to you! If a suggestion is given here, please make sure to include your name so I can get in contact with you.
Thanks and Good Luck!

For Questions or Comments email me at


  1. Dex-star sneaking into an animal shelter to drop off animal kibble with a bow on it.
    Or along same line Batman sneaking into orphanage/hospital with presents for the kids.
    Ps as you may be able to tell from this suggestion and my previous one (Krypto and Streaky) i have a soft spot for animals. Both cats i have had have been rescue cats with special needs.(people tend to pick the cute kittens not cats with issues.

  2. You really can't go wrong with the Nativity scene, maybe some of the icons paying their respects or some of the comic related animals laying around in the manger. --Showtime Summers

  3. Awesome Captain America art. Merry Christmas, my friend! You are the best.

  4. Santa giving Uncle Sam a 'Get out of debt free' card. Caption is, What does America want for Christams?

  5. Sweet CAP! Merry Christmas Ro-bear-toe! And to your lovely family. Come down and see us in sunny Savannah sometime.