Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Firefly, Again...Cause SERIOUSLY there can never be enough explosions!

Another Firefly sketch, this was another sketch from awhile back that I haven't had a chance to show until now. Fun to do, this sketch in particular is the result of what happens when I try to ink when I'm tired. I had drawn the figure in, and he was almost completely inked and done. Then as I was nearly finished I started nodding off....with ink pen in my hand. Bad combination. My hand hit the page and a crazed sleep induced scribble went haywire just next to the figure. I startled away realizing what I had done. So to cover up the mistake....I just drew in a huge explosion! The figure was originally just jumping out at you and I was going to do a more design background. I think I had his head a bit different too. By tilting his head more and closing his eyes it made it look more like he was reacting from the explosion I had added. Over all one of my best cover ups. And actually I think the added explosion really makes the commission more dynamic. But I also learned a very important lesson: Never be inking a sketch when you know you're about to pass out from sleep deprivation.

So remember that folks, life lessons and other artistic tips from Robert Atkins Art!

Firefly's Explosion a.k.a. "Happy Accidents" - 176

Original Art 
11x17- Inked (sleepily) on Bristol Board

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  1. Hey, at least you didn't give him a finger parka! Great pose, too...

  2. Bwahaha!! That was a fun one! And it turned out amazing!

  3. I remember when you told this story on the GI Joe Review podcast. Classic!

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  5. And I still have the original hanging in my office. Mistake or not it looks awesome.

  6. Hola, amazing, FireFly is my most loved character! Thanks a lot for sharing
    I wish you a Happy New year! God bless you!
    Carlos (Guadalajara-Mexico- I'm the Cobra trooper in charge of CobraCommander's Tequila Warehouse

  7. I love this one! It captures him perfectly. I sure hope he is presented like this in future IDW publications, rather than the bulky "fat" Firefly in Hearts and Minds. - CobraCommander15