Tuesday, December 13, 2011

If Toy Story took place in the 70's....

So I had another odd, but fun request. At the last con I went to I had a young boy and his mother come and ask for a GI Joe commission and I'm getting my pens ready for another Snake Eyes piece. When out of the blue they ask if I'm familiar with the old 12" GI Joes from the 60's and 70's. I told them, while I know about them, being born more around the 3.75" figures from the 80's I didn't know much beyond the invention of the Kung-Fu Grips, New abilities to Talk and Life-Like Hair.

The boy was getting this commission for his Dad, who always told him stories about his GI Joe figures back in the day and how he would, get this..., dip them in Kerosene and light them on FIRE?!? So he wanted a commission depicting his Father's first person point of view in the act. You know, for nostalgia.

GI JOE Adventure Team...about to need a Medic - 154

In doing research for this commission, I learned some interesting facts: That

, "Now with lifelike hair!" Their hair is made up of thousands of tiny hairs that are electrostatically applied to wherever glue has been painted on the head. The electricity makes each, individual hair stand on end. It's pretty cool!... and, for those that had these as kids, quite the nostalgic feeling to run your thumb over the hair on a "fuzzhead" Joe. Over time with added playwear, the hair can start to come off and leave bald spots."
Quoted from the Yesterville Blog

Over time the dude's hair starts to fall out? It really is Life-Like Hair! 
Also I really dig his huge gold medallion. 

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  1. Incredible job... just what we wanted... thanks!

  2. I had a few of those old GI Joes growing up in the 70's and that seriously brings me back a few decades. Thanks Robert.

  3. My son was the young man who commissioned this for my birthday. He remembered some of the stories about my Joes from the 70s. Not only did he run through Napalm (fire), Joe also, very heroically, jumped on grenades (black cat fire crackers) to save his buddies. He traversed enemy terrain under heavy fire - three brothers with BB guns. My Joe was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his heroism under extreme circumstances. My Joe is still alive and mostly functional. I wanted to Thank You for the commission. Great Job!!!! Brought back a lot of memories.

  4. Wish the guys at Pixar could see this!