Sunday, December 11, 2011

Is there a Doctor in the house?...

Just a quick post today, and an announcement about my blog schedule. I had this great calendar all mapped out with who I would draw on what week and so on. I've stuck to that periodically, but often work and previously requested commissions  are taking priority. Which is really how it should be. I mostly do this blog for fun and let people know about my work.

The theme week or month is a luxury and while I still have plans for some awesome theme weeks, I wont be able to dictate exactly when they will be coming. I originally had a He-Man theme week set up for December, and others I had planned even back in Nov. that I would be surprised if I get to them before Christmas. That said, I do have 4 unmovable theme months that you CAN count on, and I wanted to announce them so you can help spread the word or be on the look out for them.

JANUARY JLA Month: Starting with the new year, all through Jan. any character that has been a regular member of the Justice League of America is a possibility! A chance to spotlight many DC Characters.

MARCH Madness: Street Fighter tournament. For those of you who grew up playing this game in any of it's versions I need your participation. I have seeded the top 16 characters from the various incarnations of the Street Fighter Series. Each day I will post the two head shots of the upcoming fighters. I will post a daily poll on who should win. Based on the results of that pole, that night I will draw an image of the fight and declare a winner. It's a classic tournament and I will have available PDF tournament brackets to print off and complete. Anyone that emails me a finished bracket prediction before the end of the first week gets entered into the Tournament Contest! The winner with the most accurate prediction of the fights and ultimate winner will receive the final fight piece of art and the art for ALL of the head shots as top prize!

To make the most of this one, I'll need lots of participation so please spread the word and be prepared to vote! From the first round of the tournament to the final match this takes exactly a month to complete.

MAY the Force be with YOU Star Wars Month: A chance to spotlight 31 beloved Star Wars characters as I delve into all things Cool! I'm crazy pumped to do this as I have hardly drawn any Star Wars characters in the past. One of the perks of the blog!


GI JUNE: I had originally planned to do a week of Joe characters and a week of Cobra characters but even that wouldnt have been near enough to do it justice. JUNE will be the last month of my year long sketch challenge and I want to end it with a bang. I'm going to need a suggested list of 30 GI JOE and/or Cobra characters to fill up JUNE. I will open the suggestions to the public soon, but I want to keep them all in one place so that I can compile the best list possible. I will give info on where to post your suggested characters soon.

I hope you are all as excited as I am for the coming year and the chance to draw/see some great characters come down the line!

Alright, enough talking already. Sketch for today is:

DC COMICS- JSA Dr. Midnight - 160

ONE of my Favorite Justice Society and Justice League of America Stories is this stand alone book 
by Kurt Busiek and Carlos Pacheco called 
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  1. Can't wait for the G.I. Joe and JLA months. :)

  2. What about February and April? I am looking forward to what you do with someone like Hawkman.

  3. Well I'm on a Star Wars kick right now so I am REALLY looking forward to May. Knowing you are psyched for drawing Star Wars characters I'm tempted to try to get one early at a convention from you.

    Just thought of a suggestion for you for a theme in February. How about a famous couples month? Spidey and Mary Jane, Reed and Sue, Supes and Lois, Scarlet and Snakes or Duke, Baroness and Destro, Batman and Catwoman, tons more that can easily fill a month.

  4. JLA Month? Here's hoping to see Tomorrow Woman.

  5. Will those sketches be available for purchase?

  6. yeah for the most part, just like during X-Men Month they will be up for grabs, first come first serve. I dont want to take too many preorders, I think I would lose track of who wanted what pretty quickly. But you can pretty much bet Im going to hit all the major characters first and then work my way down.

  7. Ngl, I'm pretty excited for all of these months. Especially Star Wars month. >w<