Saturday, December 10, 2011

A little old and a little new...

First off something I had drawn from awhile back that I just came across again online. I went to a small, but wonderful comic convention in Richmond, Virginia for the first time 2 years ago. It was a newly created 2-day show, but boasted a pretty amazing guest list for it's size. That has a lot to do with how great Brett is, the show manager. I was there when IDW's new launch was running full blast and Larry Hama, Chuck Dixon and myself were all there. I was sitting right next to Chuck and we had a great time getting to know each other better and shooting the breeze all weekend.

Early on we noticed that everyone had a proper name plate at their table that the convention provided. Unfortunately for Chuck, his show name plate was grabbed by the guy who picked him up from the airport to use as a "I'm picking up Chuck Dixon" sign and was then discarded. So the morning on the first day Chuck was sitting with me in the corner of the room with out anyway for people to know who he was if they didn't recognize him visually.

As a quick aside, if you have met Chuck he is notably one of the nicest and hairiest guys in comics. So I'm sure you'd remember him.

Appalled by the situation I quickly grabbed a piece of bristol board, folded it in half and did this make shift name plate.

Snake Eyes Chuck Dixon Name Plate - 159

Personally I'm thinking, man I want to look out for my man Chuck, and he'll get this cool name plate with a rockin' picture of Snake Eyes that he can keep and cherish for years and years. Of course, as I give it to him, he's surprised and appreciative and proudly displays it throughout the rest of the show.

Robert's Pride -1 / The World's chance to utterly Humble me - 0
I'm winning!

Like I said the weekend goes along great, we have a wonderful GI Joe panel with Larry, Chuck and I. Great stories were told, I met a lot of now great friends for the first time (Keith and Jon). Then right before the show ends someone comes up and asks Chuck if his name plate was for sale. That perks my ears up and as soon as I look up, Chuck, without the briefest hesitation says, "Sure, How about 20 bucks?" and BOOM just like that the guy whips out a 20, asks Chuck and I to sign it and is off. Chuck looks over at me with the biggest grin on his face, entirely pleased that this was the first name plate he had ever sold.....

Robert's Pride - 1 / The World's chance to utterly Humble me - 1
It's currently a draw...

For even the slightest second, I've got to be honest...I thought "Come on, I'm the one who drew it, shouldn't we split the cash?" I agree, not the brightest moment of my life, but I'm human. Chuck then takes the $20 and stuffs it in his Donation Jar that he uses to support our Troops that he displays on his convention table for EVERY show he goes to. I then understood the enormous grin on his face...

Robert's Pride - 1 / The World's chance to utterly Humble me - 2 (in as many seconds)
I lose....and for good reason.

What I learned from this experience:

1. Chuck is a pretty awesome dude who actively puts his money where is mouth is when it comes to supporting our fighting troops.

2. I'm a turd.

Alright, on a brighter note I've got a couple more colored X-Men sketches that the
 Spectacular Simon Gough has colored up for me!! First up:


And everyone's favorite Southern Belle:

Other previous blog posts with the X-Men Color Updates:

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  1. The Spectacular Simon Gough is right! I think that should be his actual name now! Love these X-Men pieces by the two of you!

    Great story too, Robert! And you can make my name sign, anyday!

  2. Cool story, Robert! I would love to see another panel with the three of y'all (you, Dixon and Hama)again. It was like my 12 year-old self wanted to jump up and scream, "How cool is this!! We're all adults talking about GI JOE!!!" Good times.

  3. I'm spectacular and you're a turd! Times have changed... I used to just be simple haha!

    Great story man!

  4. Oh, man...I remember this.

    If you felt bad for this, lemme tell a show promoter, not having a sign for a guest of honor who agreed to ride on the train for 32 hours to be at your event, you really pulled through for me, Robert. Thanks again! - Brett

  5. Brett, you ran one of the best 2-day conventions that I've ever been to! These things happen at cons, and as I remember the whole sign situation happened without you knowing about it, until it was too late. I had a blast at each one of these that I attended!