Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry X-Mas!

Well,  Im guessing some of you are wondering what happened to this thing called a "daily blog" and if I remember the definition of it. Sorry for the delayed posts, but as I should have expected, the holidays were a whirlwind of activity.

Here is the Christmas Contest Sketch, though a bit belated, and I really wish I could have posted this by Christmas morning. The winning sketch idea was suggested by a self-proclaimed geek Mom who goes by "Veritas" on the IDW Publishing Forums. She suggested to do a Norman Rockwell themed sketch homaging one of his classic Christmas paintings. Rockwell has always been a favorite of mine, along with many other artistic storytellers. He had an amazing ability to tell so much story within a single image, and I use that influence in nearly every page of comics I draw. So when I read this suggestion I had it tucked away, pretty much knowing I wanted to go this route.

Thanks to everyone that participated and there were many, many great suggestions. I only wish I had time to do each of them.  So, here is the 2011 Christmas Sketch, with a comic homage to Norman Rockwell.

The Professor with Cerebro - Merry X-Mas! - 174

Here is the Rockwell Painting that I used as a springboard for the idea. 

I liked the concept of a global representation of Christmas, and had to think of a character in comics that could interact on a global scale. It was actually my dear wife that thought of this great idea of using Professor Xavier. With his telepathy powers boosted by cerebro, he could infact see into the minds of every mutant on earth and judge if they would be put on the  "NAUGHTY" or "NICE" column for Santa's Christmas list. Zoomed in you might be able to see who made the cut!

Thanks again for this great suggestion. The winner of this contest has a great blog that you can read here:
and as an artist herself, she has recently created a Deviant Art here:

Check them out when you get a chance. 
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  1. SOOOOOOO thrilled and flattered! You just made my Christmas that much more merry... hugs! Mailing address on the way!