Friday, December 30, 2011

My first animated lady crush...

I've been doing my best to work through my commission list. This is for Lee-Erin who has followed my work and we've chatted for a few years now. This commission in particular has been a long time coming, but Im glad for the chance to draw Lady Jaye.

I've hardly had the chance to draw her in my run on the books and only once before on the cover of the Special Missions collection from IDW.  I dont know what it was about that raspy, pack-a-day smoker's voice Lady Jaye had on the cartoon back in the 80's but as a kid it sure won me over. I had the biggest crush on this character as a little tyke. I know it's ridiculous, but I'm happy to own up to it.

For this sketch, here is the pencil stage, I will be posting the inks shortly. I had the figure sketched in, but knew it needed something else. Answer...ADD EXPLOSIONS! It works everytime!

Love of my life as from ages 5-8 years old, a.k.a. Lady Jaye -  179

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  1. Right there with ya man!

    You might only be at the pencil stage but I'm ready to buy it out from under the original buyer!

  2. SQUEEEEE!!!!!!!!
    Ok there was my girlie moment, it looks wicked awsome. Well worth the wait, eat your heart out Briscoe! So Robert if you still have the Mystique sketch drop me an email, i got some money for christmas. =}
    cheers and happy new year,

  3. Great stuff man! Do you sell prints here too?

  4. Enrique, Yes I do, Just email me directly and we can work out the details.

  5. awesome piece. Congrats Lee-Erin on the commission