Friday, December 2, 2011

Spider-Man Again Grade 10.....

Another sketch on a blank comic cover. I'm REALLY diggin' drawing Spider-man lately, so this was a fun treat. I think this is my last Spidey of the group. I just have a couple Captain Americas left, I believe and will wrap up this group in the next 2 days.

For anyone that knows me, I acutally like drawing buildings and backgrounds. I kind of get lost in it and find it calming. I also often over do it.

Sketch Cover Spider-Man in NYC - 151

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  1. I cannot begin to understand how you don't have your own Spider-Man title! Amazing! ;)

  2. Though I love BGs much more than I used to, I wish I had the same skill and passion about them as you do. This is an awesome pic - especially considering it was done on a comic cover.

  3. Outstanding! I hope that we don't lose you to Marvel though, I really love your joe work!