Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Strongest there is.....

I've rarely had the chance to draw the Hulk. Some people are great at it, I'm still trying to find my way with him. Huge characters like this take on a whole new set of problems in proportions and anatomy. Also, you can draw a big muscle bound figure and color it green, but still not come close to capturing the character that is so identified with the Hulk. It is a combination of figure proportion, head and face, even his body language, and how he would stand at rest that exudes his particular uniqueness. I dont think I've hit it yet, and Im sure it would take quite a bit of practice to get it.

I've had the chance to draw him for Marvel a few times. Most recently in the She-Hulk #1 book where he is fighting a character named Thundra. The funny thing about that is in the script's panel description it just said "Show a classic Hulk vs. Thundra fight."....thats it. So I figured, lets put them in the city tearing stuff up!

Cool, I was happy with it enough, but the feed back I got from the writer said, "I like the shot...but it's supposed to take place in the desert. Thought you should know..."

heh. So I took another sheet of paper and light boxed over this panel, I sketched in a few quick lines to show a desert instead of a crap-ton of buildings, and 

They got back to me..."Looks great"   There you go, a peek behind the scenes. And this was the final panel here below.

Well, so like I said, I don't get the chance to draw the Hulk. I did get a commission from a while back that I'm finally getting to just in time for Christmas! Taking another stab at the big Green Machine!

The Incredible Hulk - 169

Original art 11x17 on Bristol Board
Penciled with 4h lead, and inked with Copic Mulitliner tech pens

I'm not an avid Incredible Hulk reader. Though I really do enjoy the character. Can anyone suggest a DEFINITIVE collection or arc that is the greatest Hulk story? Or atleast, a recent one that does a good job of representing the Hulk?

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  1. Peter David's run is the best. I've almost got 100 consecutive issues.I've got issues 350 to roughly 450. The best issues are the ones drawn by Dale Keown, and Gary Frank. Future Imperfect, probably Peter David's finest work, happens in the context of his run, which you should also read.

  2. for my money it's either the Peter David/Keown run or David and Frank. That's a long stretch of books but also the Future Imperfect story is a great one

  3. Your Hulk is fantastic, by the way. You do big characters really well.

  4. I loved the Bruce Jones run. Started with Incredible Hulk 34 (2001) and went through into the 60s or 70s. You can get all the issues/trades at shows for cheap. Really cool. Different. Great art by JRJr, Lee Weeks, Stuart Immonen, etc.

  5. Looks good, but the colourist messed up the clouds of smoke you did there on the bottom left.

  6. i lkie how you transitioned from city to desert lol super awsome rendition of the big green machine!

  7. Hey! I bought one of these at NYCC.
    Great art. ^___^