Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Video Game Art...

Most of my work consists of drawing covers and interior pages for comic books. It's what I enjoy the most, and I'm glad I get to do it full time. Occasionally, I've had opportunity to work in a few other industries; Toy package art and design, Video Game concept and animatic work, Licensed property illustration, and other various commercial illustration jobs.

I had the chance to work on the cut scene animations that periodically show up through the DC Universe Online game. That was a lot of fun, as I've not worked with DC characters nearly as much. I will show some of those examples soon.

The other game I had an opportunity to work on, I can't disclose now, but here are a few unused designs of an "angelic" character that you can play. What I can say about the game is that it was a sequel and the previous designs of the angels weren't very modest, being scantily clad female warriors. The wings were more metal armament than actual wings and they ran around the country side in "Slave Leia" metal bikinis. It never seemed to practical to me.  I'm sure some of you would thoroughly enjoy that game, personally I've never played it.

What I appreciated most about this assignment was that I was given the challenge to depart from the previously immodest design and come up with something practical, regal and closer to an angelic representation without just drawing a "classic warrior angel". I liked that someone would see my work, and think I'd be the right guy for this kind of job. Here was my first go round of designs:

Concept Art: Female Warrior Angel - 163

I wanted the coat to flare at the bottom to give balance to the outstretched wings and help show motion.
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When walking around, I thought the collapsed wings would flow and act like a cape. For weapons, she would carry dual curved blades sheathed behind her, allowing her to run or fly unencumbered by a larger sword and sheath. Even at rest her hair would always be in motion.

Trying various hair designs.

Just something to show, a little change of pace from my superheroes or GI Joe work.

The artwork above is available to purchase.
Each piece is $50, 11x17 on Bristol board inked (the head shots are just pencils).

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  1. Awesome designs, and thanks for your integrity in sticking up for greater modesty in character designs. There are many of us in the industry that appreciate it!