Thursday, December 1, 2011

"Wandering Behavior: Concern for the Lost Elder"...

From the few Harry Potter drawings I've had the chance to do, I can say that drawing Dumbledore comes so easy to me. He is my favorite character of the series, just beating out Snape, my wife's favorite. For all the reasons I talk about here in my first Dumbledore drawing.

Man, that seems like quite awhile ago. I was only 10 drawings into my year long challenge. So I wont go into all that again. For this sketch I wanted to have some kind of design or element that represented more than Dumbledore himself. I thought of a castle or Faux or something, and then I came across various designs of the House Crests for Hogwarts. I wanted to represent all 4 houses so did a quick graphic to fill the composition, and I liked how that come out. Again, this sketch is for my friend Chris and his family to hang in their nursery, congrats guys!

Albus Dumbledore - 150

“It is our choices...that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” - Albus Dumbledore

Original Art
5x7 Inches on Bristol Board

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  1. Robert,

    Great job!

    Oh, by the way, in a moment of weakness (probably akin to love) I promised to illustrate my 10 year old daughter's Harry Potter book report due Monday. If you could pick up the pace and do the rest of the characters over the weekend, you'd be doing me a solid;)


  2. I had a whole week of characters I did back in July ;) check out the archives dude! Otherwise get to crackin' on those drawings. But beware our kids our tough critics. I did a Green Lantern drawing for my son, he told me it wasnt good enough...oy.

  3. Love that Harry Potter universe. Awesome job as always. For your enjoyment, here's a link to a video I found yesterday from the folks at Death Battle. They always put together "what if" battles between famous pop culture characters that are really well researched and well thought out, plus hilarious, plus plain awesome. This one is Luke Skywalker vs. Harry Potter. Enjoy!