Saturday, December 31, 2011

Who brings a Javelin to a Gun-fight?...

Lady Jaye does...

Here are the inks for the commission I had started. I'm glad for the chance to show a bit of process in how I go about these. When I'm inking something myself, I don't need to go any more detailed than the pencil stage I showed on Fri. For anything that is left sketchy and loose, I know how Im going to finish it and just do that in the inking stage. The background explosions for example. I just needed a basic gesture and shape of the clouds and suggestion of broken up ground or debris. But for the face, hair and hands, I was more specific, because I wanted to get those established as best as I could.

As for the character, I already confessed my infatuated love for this fictional character from my childhood. However, she continues to be one of the main characters in GI Joe that I haven't been able to draw in the comics. Trust me, I've asked for her, I've tried to sneak her in, and unfortunately wasn't allowed. I had one splash page in particular that it was left up to me who to show in the line up of Joes. I asked specifically if I could include Lady Jaye, and was told in fact that I could use anyone except her.  It broke my 7 year old heart.

I dont think it's any mystery, it is a hard thing to take a character who is largely known for her javelin throwing ability, and make her viable in modern warfare. I dont care if your spear has a hidden net, grenade tips, or even ejecting boxing gloves, no amount of trick spears is going to compete with an automatic rifle or grenade launcher in realistic combat. Therefore, Lady Jaye either needed a complete retooling or had to be left on the bench for the time being.

I'm incredibly excited though that she is not only included in the new film, but plays a major role in the new GI Joe: Retaliation movie that comes out this year. It will be interesting to see how they modernize her character, and if there is any defining characteristics that keep her true to previous incarnations. As long as she speaks in that raspy, chronic bronchitis voice that I fell in love with from the 80's cartoon...I'm IN!

Lady Jaye Inks - 180

I'm gonna have to say one of my favorite Lady Jaye moments was in the original Marvel comics run,
GI JOE #67 we really get a glimpse into what Flint gets when he starts a relationship with this firecracker. Scarlett and SnakeEyes are getting back from a mission they had been presumed K.I.A. and Flint lays into them for letting everyone believe they were dead. Lady Jaye just full on decks Flint in the jaw knocking him off his feet! The very next page, she chews him out as he gets up and realizes that Lady Jaye cares for him, and they hug and make up on the last panel....? What?

Flint...that's you're first sign. When your "soon to be girlfriend" punches you in the face for voicing common're gonna be in for a crazy relationship.

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  1. Fantastic commission Robert! And I agree there was some crazy attraction to that raspy voice! Makes no sense! LOL

    Retaliation is looking great and Flint and Lady Jaye up front should be cool. Kind of bummed she won't have shorter hair, but we'll se how it all works out.

    BTW Lady Jaye has showed up in the Cobra title. Not much has been revealed about her character yet though.

  2. Love the piece, and when it came to the animated series, Lady Jaye trumped my comic favorites hands-down. I also loved that interchange - another favorite Flint/ Lady Jaye "moment" was outside Scarlett's hospital room, where Flint is telling Snake Eyes that he needs to tell Scarlett how he feels before he runs out of time, and Snake Eyes puts his hands on Flint's shoulders and wheels him about to face a blushing Lady Jaye.

    Looking forward to seeing what happens in Retaliation with the character... I agree with Shane on the short hair bit, but it seems the moviegoing demographic prefers longer locks.

    On a Joe note - if you could redraw one of the classic issues, which would you pick?

  3. wow....really good question. I think the SkyStriker vs Rattler issue where you have the ace, wild weasel dog fight and they both show their respect for each other's skills. I will have to give that more thought though.