Saturday, December 3, 2011

WWII Captain America Grade 11...

Captain America is my favorite Marvel character. Hands down, no one competes for that top spot. There are many characters that I really enjoy, but there's a very distinguishable characteristic that sets Cap apart for me. His sense of morality and unwavering loyalty to the patriotic ideals he represents. He's so inherently good,  it's to the point that other "heroes" respect and admire that quality in him. He's gone on quite a roller coaster the past 5 years or so, but it's been some fantastic storytelling by great writers and artists. In classic comic book tradition, Steve Rogers has died and come back to life just in time for a big budget movie! All the corporate arguments aside, I LOVE the fact that there is finally a public awareness for the character on a scale unparalleled from before. You can go and buy a Captain America shield frisbee at any Wal-Mart...A FRISBEE that you can throw and bang off of walls, people and dogs alike taking out imaginary Hydra agents all day long!!! How Awesome is that!?! Man, to be a kid today...sigh.

Well, enough of that geek talk, and on to more nerdy art/history talk. The sketch itself is on one of these blank covers. I had no idea I would enjoy this run of blank covers as much as I have in the past couple of weeks! This sketch of Cap is the WW 2 version, that was first designed by Bryan Hitch for his run on the "Ultimates" for Marvel. It's a fantastic design that is a lot of fun to draw. This shield design is taken from his earliest appearances in Marvel comics, so it's before he went throwing around his Vibranium disc with superhuman accuracy. It simply was meant to stop bullets and represent the symbol with Cap as a flag bearer.

 I wanted to throw in the planes to fill the compositional space, but I've also always had a love of planes and WW2 fighters in particular. Also, I know my Dad will and my late Grandpa would've appreciated it.  The two forward planes are P-40 Warhawks, which became a very common American plane for early half of the war. Used in both theaters, the Warhawk gained the reputation of being outclassed in speed and power. However, they only gained that rep because the Japanese Zero fighters were so fast and maneuverable. In the European theater German fighters often lost dog fights with the Warhawks, because the American pilots were comfortable with the planes strengths and weaknesses and used it to full effect. In Italy, the 325 Fighter group of P-40's amassed a 135 Axis : 17 American Kill/ Loss ratio.  In other words, they were pretty awesome.

Sketch Cover WWII Captain America - 152

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  1. Wow, this is my favorite of the covers so far. Absolutely fantastic Robert.

  2. You choose to draw the triangle shield. Yes, I approve.

  3. Oh, that is amazing. If only it weren't on a book. Yeah, I'm too picky. ;-)